The Journey of the Spirit’s Self-Fulfillment

The Journey of the Spirit’s Self-fulfillment

First, we understand that our original essential being spends each day of our lives seeking its own reflection and realization. There is never a time when our spiritual essence sits back and resigns itself to being unheard, unrecognized and unexpressed. It has purpose, truth and life and it is relentless in its dedication to alert us to its existence.

We will never be comfortable for very long in a place that is not representing who we are. Our ‘comfort zones’ only last so long – we will inevitably be shaken in order to direct our attention towards what calls out to be brought into existence – our true selves.

We are either conscious and intentional about our growth and enlightenment, guided through the process using more comfortable means of development such as adventure and discovery, or, we choose to be distracted in the drama of life and remain tied to the belief in the illusion of who we are. In the later case, we will experience whatever is necessary to wake us up, resulting in more challenging experiences to get our attention. Choosing to stay conscious, taking full responsibility for our transformation offers us the opportunity to move with the changes.