Message from Kristin

“Do you want to feel peace within yourself and in your life? At peace with your thoughts, your feelings and your past experiences? Do you want to know that, no matter what has or is happening, you have the ability to make your life different  –  to change what might feel unchangeable? Do you want to feel strong and inspired, ….No longer numb, anxious, worried, uncertain or tired? We all want to be inspired, feel passion and hope. We want to remember who we really are, what we loved and dreamed about years ago. We want our sadness, self-judgment, anger, guilt and fear to stop. We want to wake up embraced within confidence and calm and go to sleep filled with a sense of peace and trust. Mostly, we want to know that we can change our lives.

You might feel you have forgotten who you are or believe your identity is what you do, accomplish and who you are for others. That disconnection to a clear sense of self can be extremely disheartening and frightening. I am deeply passionate about  the struggles with these feelings.

What I want to emphasize strongly is…..who you are, who you truly are, the being who began this journey on earth, full and complete with all your unique characteristics within you, alive and absolute, has not been lost or ‘left’ behind. It has not been destroyed or forgotten or changed into something else. Your genuine, original being never leaves you. Your true and divine self is present within you always, from the first moment of life to this very moment as you read these words. It is not destroyed and has not been abandoned. All your spirit wants is to be a true and full expression of itself and although you may feel detached from what that is at times in your life – due to life’s pain, loss and emotional trauma – your true self is forever with you, always ready to be remembered and recreated in your life.

The Transformational experiences throughout our Retreats help you realize the true being that is you and help you discover how to know it, embody it, experience it and express it. When you are clearly defined you are empowered. l help guide you through the process of discovering what is blocking your ability to fulfill your life in the way you desire. The healing work experienced will allow you to feel a sense of comfort, peace, passion and fulfillment. The experience moves you through healing your wounds, understanding and recognizing how your present thoughts and perceptions, fears, doubts and self-judgment came into being, how to work through the thoughts and feelings at the level they actually originated, will move you toward your ability to create the life that represents who you are. Everything you need to know and see, work with and heal, look at and clear away, re-identify and recreate comes into view.

This could be the time to identify yourself and your life through your own eyes, eyes that are clear, open and healthy, eyes that see the possibilities, eyes that expand beyond what seemed limited or unclear before.  I am here to help with this self discovery, healing and personal growth….to help relieve the fear, self doubt and negative thoughts and patterns in your life… help you step into the center of your purpose, value, power and heart., the life “you” you were meant to live.

It is time to discover your true and genuine identity, talents, gifts, passions and unique characteristics – to see the preciousness of who that is. Be an expression of this true self in your life, your work and your relationships.  Everything you do, believe, choose and surround yourself with will reflect your special identity, your desires and goals. Knowing your true self awakens a multitude of possibilities you may never have realized before.”

– Dr. Kristin