Transformational Healing

Would you like to make positive changes in your life, feel happier, more peaceful and powerful, more confident and inspired?

The power to bring these changes into your life is within you. In asking the question, you have already awakened the answers.

Are you ready to let go of old patterns that take you to the same places, the same relationships and the same feelings over and over again?

The answer comes from connecting with your own truth. Rather than replay stories that represent who you aren’t – create a life that represents who you are.

Do you want to live your life…not the life you think you ‘should’ live, or be the person you’re expected to be…but fulfill the life that represents your passions, your purpose and what means something important to you?

Your life has but one purpose…to know deeply and fulfill your true essence. All else extends from that.

Dr. Kristin WhitelawDr. Kristin Whitelaw

What is Holistic Healing?

The Holistic approach emphasizes the power each of us already has to heal ourselves from within, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Holistic Counseling refers to the philosophy of healing that acknowledges our whole person – body, mind and spirit. It is centered in the idea that our natural and original state is of perfect health. Each of us is persistently and continuously seeking this place of well-being – we simply need to become aware of our ability and effectiveness in this process.

Holistic Counseling is based on the view that our  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘bodies’  are interconnected, each mirroring what is going on with the others. For example, if we have unresolved guilt that we continue to stuff down, often we manifest a physical condition to reflect the energy of guilt. If the guilt is not dealt with consciously, our unconscious will find another way to express it. Each of our bodies is a perfect communicator for the whole and if we ‘listen’, we can understand what is reaching out to be healed and support it fully in the process.

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