Kristin’s Bio

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Dr. Kristin Whitelaw has 28 years experience as a holistic counselor, intuitive healer, teacher, speaker, crisis intervention advocate and author. She is a spiritual growth expert, helping to awaken your true, original spirit, shedding the false self and actualizing the manifestation of who you authentically are in every area of your life. She helps you find peace, joy, creative energy, true power and passion, awake with purpose and connection. Some of the issues she addresses are anxiety, fear, depression, emotional pain, addiction, anger, grief and loss.

Kristin has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, is trained in Advanced Neuro Dynamics and is a Usui Reiki Master and an Ordained Reverend. She has extensive training and experience in metaphysical sciences, personal healing and transformation, spiritual counseling and crisis intervention including issues of child abuse, domestic violence, suicide prevention and rape victim advocacy.

She is owner of Dr. Kristin Whitelaw Transformational Healing in Redondo Beach, CA., where she has been in private practice for over 17 years. She integrates traditional, cross-cultural and transpersonal techniques, using a variety of approaches, including inner child exploration, grief work, cognitive therapy, guided visualization and ceremony.

Dr. Kristin, along with her husband, Ian, also composes powerful and relaxing Guided Visualization/Meditation CDs.

She and her husband of 34 years live in Redondo Beach and they have two daughters, 30 and 32 yrs. old.