Personal Healing and Transformation

– Powerlessness to…. self-empowerment
– Self-doubt to… self-assurance
– Worry to… feelings of trust and peace
– Self-sabotage to… inner strength
– Feeling victimized to… recognition of choices
– Hopelessness to… inspiration and possibilities
– Confusion to… clarity
– Loss of direction & control to… clear thought & action

Your spirit, whole and complete, always remains with you, no matter what your experiences have been throughout your life. You were born intact, strong, powerful, bright and with a unique and innate purpose that cannot, in truth, ever change. However, your awareness of who that spirit is has been altered due to exterior influences, family issues, outside opinions and expectations, personal crisis and struggles experienced when you were very young – these all can greatly impact your self perceptions and way of thinking long into your adult life while creating a filter through which you view yourself, perceive others and see the world around you. Dissolving these layers that limit your true connection and expression, that dim your light and cause you to doubt your value and worth is how you unveil your greatness, power and beauty.

This is not a process of gaining what you do not have, it is a means to understanding that you have had it all along.

To do this, I help you understand what has blocked the way to realizing your ultimate potential, goals and happiness – what has caused you to have a negative or limiting sense of self – what has prevented you from stepping into your power and your purpose – the life and relationships you deeply desire. You then transform your patterns of thinking and behavior from representing who you think you ‘should’ be to what reflects and expresses your soul essence – your unique passion, joy, strength, gifts and purpose.