Hypnosis & Guided Visualization

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis…..simply is a state of very relaxed concentration.
Within this natural state you can communicate with your subconscious where deeper thoughts are stored, allowing you to transform false perceptions to new beliefs that represent your true confidence, and power, your gifts, strength, goals and authentic purpose.

Who can be hypnotized?
Everyone. Easily and comfortably.

What will you remember?
Everything. You will be fully awake and aware and
Remember everything you would normally.

Will you be in control?
Yes. Your thoughts and choices will always remain yours.
You will not do or say anything different
from your waking state.

What do you feel?
Peace, tranquility and a total sense of well-being.



Hypnotherapy Promotes:

– Feeling powerful and in control of your life
– Greater confidence and self-esteem
– Relief from performance anxiety
– Relief from social anxiety
– Improved sleep
– The release of negative emotions
– Relief of anxiety, tension, stress & worry
– Improved memory
– Career success
– Changes on a cellular level;
 promoting youthful appearance
– The ability to quit smoking
– Enhanced sexual performance
– Healing of past wounds
– Embodying peace of mind

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Guided Imagery and Visualizations

This is a very simple, safe and comfortable way to communicate with your deeper consciousness. You move into a state of relaxation, centered and focused on the inner self. It is a powerful technique of using guided imagery that provides the ability to utilize an inner, visual environment. The images tell a story about you that resides beneath conscious thinking, containing thoughts and feelings your conscious is unaware of or does not clearly understand. The subconscious communicates through symbolism – a “universal language” that helps with understanding your thoughts and feelings. With deep relaxation the veil separating the conscious from the subconscious lifts then, with the techniques of visualization and hypnosis, I help you see and understand more clearly what thoughts, perceptions and beliefs are playing a part in how you experience and interact in life, allowing you to created your new, healthier, more well-defined self, desires and goals. With Guided Imagery, I help you break down barriers, to understand and clear away what has been blocking your happiness, success, fulfillment and peace.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques

Most of us can personally identify with the automatic, instinctive reflex to sit down and take slow, deep breaths in times of stress. It is an unconscious response to feelings of heightened anxiety, fear and worry. Using simple relaxation techniques can completely change your experience of life. Relaxation alters you physically, chemically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It affects your muscles, your nervous system and oxygen flow. Relaxation relieves stress, anxiety and fear and releases endorphins through the system, a natural pain-killer that comforts and energizes. Relaxation can help with lessening the extensiveness of physical injury and supports your ability to feel more in control as well as increasing mental clarity, creativity and intuition.

Pain Management

Hypnotherapy develops a strong, open and direct connection to your physical being giving you the power to effect physical health and well-being. You learn wonderful and easy techniques that can substantially lessen your experience of pain. You will work on deep levels of your subconscious in order to activate the powerful, self-healing process and also release certain fears and perceptions that are stored as unconscious, automatic thinking. You have the capacity to affect your body with an amazing force to heal and manage discomfort and pain.