The Mind Body Connection

Stored emotions that affect our physical condition:

–  Depression
–  Fear
–  Emotional Pain
–  Loss
–  Life changes
–  Worry and anxiety
–  Traumatic childhood experiences
–  Stress
–  Career changes
–  Intense fear and insecurity
–  Personal and family crisis

Some of the physical conditions that can occur:

– A weakened immune system
– Heart problems
– Stomach distress
– Headaches
– Lowered overall vibration in the body
– Distinct chemical and hormonal changes in
the body
– Insomnia
– Low energy
– Trouble concentrating
– Lower sex drive
– Chronic pain

Addressing our thoughts and emotions while looking at our physical issues will help us get to the core of any problem. This allows us to access our inner resources, realizing the power that we have to change how we feel and heal ourselves in ways we may have thought impossible.

There is a direct correlation between the mind and the body – the condition of one ‘expressing itself’ through the other. Emotions easily manifest in the body and by paying attention to our physical experiences we will understand more clearly what is occurring on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

This is a wonderful way to know yourself more deeply and bring healing to to the whole of your being. This will promote a stronger, more united self.

In turn, a physical condition can intensely affect our mental and emotional state. Pain and illness can cause deep depression, anxiety, stress, fear and loss. These emotions will deplete the body of its healing energy rather than strengthen and support it. Painful conditions permeate into every area of our life and alter our sense of security, confidence and trust. Pain can diminish our ability to experience feelings of fulfillment, comfort, satisfaction and joy.