“As soon as I began working with Kristin, my life completely changed. There were parts of me I didn’t know were there because I had lost so much of who I was. Kristin helped me come back from where I was lost. It was incredible. Within weeks I was feeling strong and confident and ready to make different choices – ones that were good for me.”

“Kristin Whitelaw carries the knowledge, and open heart space to gently, safely and lovingly guide her clients out of feeling stuck into a place of transformation, where they can live their best lives. She is the embodiment of a deeply wise and unconditionally loving presence.”
(Marcy – Holistic Psychologist)

“Dr. Kristin Whitelaw is a wise and gifted counselor of the highest caliber. She is also a wonderful, compassionate friend. We recommend her work to everyone!”
(Terry and Linda, The Psychic Twins)

“September 11th, 2001 changed my world forever.  I am a flight attendant for one of the carriers that was hijacked that horrific day.  Although I was not directly involved, my world was suddenly turned upside down.  If that wasn’t enough, exactly 6 days later, my beloved husband was killed in a tragic car accident while I was flying my first trip back at work.  My loss, so sudden and final, was too much for me to handle.  I don’t remember much of that time, I felt barely alive.  After trying several counselors, a friend referred me to Kristin. I called her and within 5 seconds, I KNEW she was THE ONE that would help me!!!!   There were so many unexplainable sessions, things I cannot even put into words, but beautiful healing moments happened, over and over again.  She used many unique, cross-cultural techniques of healing, different than the ‘typical’ therapy styles, but that is exactly the reason that it worked for me.  I had decidedly gained the strength and courage to face my life again.

I definitely give credit to Kristin for saving my life.  I know that my Spirit Guide brought her to me, and for that I am eternally grateful!  But because of Kristin and her healing ways, I now look at life differently; I appreciate it more.  I now see things that I never saw before; miracles!  Every single day I see miracles!  I have a great life now, and I’m grateful for the experiences that my life has given me, even though some have been more than I thought I could handle.   I now feel that I am a better person, and honestly…  THAT is the gift that Kristin gave to me.  She gave me back my life.
To Kristin, I say…  Thank you, my Angel.”

“Dr. Kristin creates an environment of complete trust. Her work is so focused. She gets results because of her great connection to her clients. She is one of a kind.”

“During my life I harbored re-occurring guilt over the same problems – challenging personal relationships.  I went to various therapists over my life and got a little insight. Then I found Kristin …..and got a lot of insight!  Her methods seemed to be geared to the individual and whatever it might be that they uniquely need to release the issues within. She is open-minded and very insightful and creative in suggesting various techniques to identify, understand and release the problematic issues. The experiential activities and ceremonies were so different, so eclectic, and so comforting…and had the affect of feeling like an ancient art form of cleansing.  Kristin is very kind,  sympathetic and nurturing in her approach, however, she displays a deep personal strength that does not allow the client to become a perennial victim.    Her methods and interactions actually teach how to find those areas of internal strength and use those areas to the max. I am very grateful to Kristin. And have not needed to seek further therapy after spending time with her.”

“I’ve known Kristin for over 20 years. She is an amazing spiritual teacher and cares deeply for her clients, friends, and family. Her love of helping others comes from a truthful desire to see them evolve into greatness.”
(Mary – actress)

“Growing up in a traumatic childhood, I had carried the burden of those feelings since childhood…..and Kristin taught me that it was not my fault , I didn’t deserve it and that I would be alright. As an adult now it was a tremendous release of pain and suffering that I somehow felt was mine to own…..BUT IT WAS NOT MINE TO OWN ANYMORE…..Kristin taught me a sense of freedom from my past, but at the same time taught me how to love myself…she taught me how to let go, but showed me how to do it on my own terms…..there was never any pressure to do the right thing so to speak…just words of truth , wisdom, sincerity, encouragement and loving energy. Her energy comes from within….and holds such truth in my eyes…..I had never felt that from a human being in my life, until meeting her…I always knew I was safe in her presence….. I also learned to never make a decision based on fear, only to make decisions going towards something…..and I’ve learned it does work……that very lesson saved my life and the life of my son!  She reminded me that we are all connected to mother earth and the universe ….and sometimes when we get disconnected, we need to reconnect so that we do what is instinctual to us…..She has been there for me in some of the most painful times in my life and I am a better person because of her…..she saved my life!  The most beautiful experience in the world for me was learning how to forgive myself and know that I am a child of The Universe, no less than the trees and the stars- i have a right to be here…..and I owe that to Kristin…..”

“You helped get me through the darkest part of my life and helped me to smile again. Even though I was mentally destroyed with PTSD, I do remember your references to Native American beliefs regarding death. I connected with those ideas. They brought me comfort. It was a turning point in my healing process. I will be forever grateful to you for pulling me out of that very dark hole that I was stuck in and allowing me to reconnect with life again.”

“My own survival is what I took away after working with Kristin. Kristin is hardly what I would deem as ordinary, average or common. She has an innate ability to soothe – that alone is extraordinary. Kristin helped me be willing to find a new existence that I needed to survive. This allowed me to become a better father, son, brother and friend. She conducted herself in a gentle yet authoritative way which again made me comfortable Equally – Kristin turned her attention to my five-year-old twin daughters and helped them through their grief. If Kristin Whitelaw was not available to help me and my family in 2004 thru 2005 – I can honestly say that I’m not sure I would have survived my grief.    Kristin has the power to sooth and emotionally heal. Let that statement resonate for a moment…………the power to sooth and emotionally heal. In the midst of a breakdown when tears were literally flowing from me, I wailed aloud about how I was ill-equipped to provide the necessary home for my distraught daughters. How in the hell could I possibly accomplish that while being the emotional mess I was at the time? Kristin gave the best advice I ever received, she simply said, “Make their home safe Todd. That’s all you need to do…” Such a simple solution offered in order to solve such a complex situation. Shortly thereafter when I thanked Kristin for all that she had done she replied, “People deserve peace.” Another example that personifies Dr. Whitelaw……..if you let her – Kristin will show you the way to discover your own peace……..what more could anyone ask?”

“For the past 20yrs I have had the pleasure of knowing Kristin Whitelaw, not only as a Counselor but a truly wonderful Friend. Her guidance and love has helped to make me the person that I am today. I am forever thankful to her for all she has given to me.”

“I am so very grateful to Kristin for what she helped me with in my relationship and with myself. I have been in an abusive relationship for many years and felt trapped, alone, insecure and scared. I had learned to accept that this was my life and did everything I could to make it through each day. I felt powerless to change anything. I was riddled with guilt and anxiety. I was living a vicious cycle that seemed it would never end. Then I began my work with Kristin and my life completely changed…I completely changed. There were parts of me that I never knew were there. I had lost so much of who I was. She helped me to come back from wherever I was lost. It was extraordinary. In just a matter of a few weeks I was feeling strong and confident and ready to make different choices, ones that were good for me. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I realized I was worth more than what I was experiencing in my relationship. I was valuable enough to choose good things. It is so exciting. My life is a wonderful adventure now. Kristin showed me what I needed to see within myself so that I could make the changes in myself and my life that I deserved, that I wanted. Thank you Kristin.”
(Melinda C. – actress)