Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Kristin offers one and two day workshops filled with self-exploration, discovery, sharing, creating and learning. She brings an environment filled with warmth, respect and support. There is no judgment – only acknowledgment and understanding.

The Spirit Awakening workshops integrate the experience of ceremony and ritual, which are powerful avenues to open a space for sacred connection to the divine, generate greater consciousness and allow for healing energies to come forth. These experiential activities allow for you to fully participate in your healing and creative experience.

Kristin guides you through discovering more about yourself on a deeper level and becoming further aware of who your true and authentic being is. She helps you explore your self-imposed limitations, expectations, self-judgments and identify the blocks that may prevent your moving forward and accomplishing your goals and desires. The workshop experience helps you consciously expand beyond these restricted walls, letting your being take its place as the powerful and remarkable person you are – recognizing the true extent of your abilities and possibilities. Explore the power of your mind and spirit and learn how to express it fully out in your life.


Dr. Kristin has many years experience as a speaker, addressing a variety of important issues. She specializes in bringing attention to and discussing the potential to break through our barriers, step out of our past thinking and limiting patterns. Through this, we achieve deep personal awareness, inner fulfillment and empowerment – to fully live our lives and effectively make a difference. She inspires the awakening of a life of passion, purpose, peace and happiness.


Kristin is a well established writer for New Thought, Spiritual and Health magazines and newspapers. She also co-wrote with Owen Meldy the book “The Seven Touchstones of Relating”.

You can read some of Kristin’s articles and publications here.