Self Image Issues

Self Image

Self-image can have very little to do with who we really are, what we truly project and what we actually reflect physically to others. Our perception of self can be so solidly set that what we see in the mirror reflects only what we don’t like about ourselves and blocks out the real image before us. We are certain others see this same image and perceive us as we perceive ourselves. Transformative counseling gently transforms our self-image to what is accurate, loving ourselves regardless of what is perceived as ‘imperfections’. Understand where the critical voices come from and learn how see yourself from a positive, self-accepting and self-loving viewpoint. I help you recognize and make changes to negative and unhealthy habits and patterns that effect your physical being, developing positive self esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and physical health and well being.

Self-Doubt and Negative Self-perception

Our sense of self evolves through the years beginning at our earliest moments of life, shaping itself with every experience we have. When we are very young we see ourselves through the eyes of those around us and come to create a belief system based on this. This false-self, even as we grow into adulthood, exists in deeper layers of our consciousness and remains the self we fear is true. Finding the origin for our negative self perception allows us to recognize it and work with what it represents. We can shed these layers and begin to see more clearly what is true, defining ourselves in ways that recognize our greatest qualities and our beauty – our divine gifts, talents and abilities

Negative Body Image

Various techniques of hypnosis are a major force in helping us alter our self-perceptions and in creating a positive sense of our physical being. Hypnosis works in perfect harmony with the various techniques already proven to be effective for weight issues, eating disorders and negative body image. Feeling comfortable with our physical self is essential for the full expression of that self out in the world. If we question our value, if we fear we will not be approved of, it is difficult to fulfill goals and experiences that place us in the focus of others. Shrinking into a negative physical image creates sadness and loss and the gifts that are ready to be embraced and illuminated cannot express themselves in life. Learn the powerful techniques that best support our relationship with our physical being.