Relieving Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

A large research project exploring the human mind, specifically human fears and how they manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviorally found the number one fear to be fear of speaking in front of a group. It was determined to be the most common overwhelming and anxiety provoking experience to all other circumstances we find ourselves in. The mere thought of speaking in front of others stimulated a notable emotional discomfort. Fear of performing or being in front of people can greatly hinder our ability to achieve our dreams and personal potential. We are blocked from the opportunity to present ourselves in ways that can be supremely fulfilling. Performance Anxiety activates physical responses that are incapacitating, frilling us with extreme distress. Transformative therapy provides simple techniques to help us discover the ability to feel confidence and calm in the face of any social or performance situation. To trust themselves and surrender to knowing that they will be okay no matter what happens.