Releasing Negative Patterns

Releasing Negative Patterns

Transformative Counseling can help you overcome obstacles that have kept you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be. You can learn more about yourself and how to live life with deeper personal satisfaction. Letting go of old patterns while developing new perspectives, healthier choices and a positive conception of self can often be confusing and challenging. When you become involved in your own process of personal growth and become an active participant with compassion and understanding, you are then the creator of your life. Giving focused attention on your own process of growth and development, emotionally, mentally and spiritually unlocks the door to the greatest potential of your being as you experience healing, self-empowerment and change.

Personal growth can be the most exciting, enriching and rewarding experience an individual can have. Transformative Counseling gently supports and guides you through this process, helping you see where you hold the key, where you have the answers. I help you access your intuitive voice and guidance and know how to recognize your inner strength and wisdom. Your personal growth is a process of lifting away the confusion by reconnecting with your natural essence, your spiritual truth.

Anger Issues

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion and needs to be given value and understanding. It is also important for anger to be expressed with self-awareness and responsibility. If anger is not recognized and expressed in a conscious, productive way, the energy will be stored in the subconscious until it finds an alternate means to get up and out. It can’t be stuffed down, blocked or forced away. Emotions will always find a way to be heard and expressed on some level. Any unexpressed emotions, including anger will be ignited at times that cannot be predicted or controlled. Past emotions are often easily stimulated in the present when something causes us a high level of anxiety, self-doubt or fear and when these past emotions are stimulated they flood in and can push us off our center. Our mind can become confused with the overlapping of present feelings with past anger. When anger is accompanied by a loss of control, it is almost always damaging in some way.

Dealing with emotions as they happen is essential for healthy, balanced living. It allows us to stay in the present and embody consistency, integrity, clarity and power. The key is to acknowledge all emotions with no judgment – this opens the way to see what the real issue is – anger always is the protective energy that overlays the true emotion which feels more fragile and vulnerable. I guide you through the process of revealing the deeper issues providing many healthy and effective alternatives when anger, or any emotion becomes overwhelming.