Relationship and Marriage Communication


Communication is undoubtedly the most important component to ensure the health and strength of any relationship. It is not only necessary for building a solid, open and workable connection but loving and honest communication stimulates a deeper intimacy and awareness between two people. Learn which words, tone and approach opens the door of communication and which ones shut it down. Simple changes in phrasing positively impacts one’s ability to communicate with another. We all want to be heard but often we don’t realize how to encourage that outcome.

Listening skills is also of the highest value to a vibrant, strong relationship. Each one of us is fully responsible for accurately and clearly communicating what we think, feel and need. We often want the other person to know, however, it is our job to present our truth, not theirs. It is rarely a positive outcome to leave the other person to ‘fill in the blanks’. When we leave our partner to come to their own conclusions about what we think because we haven’t clearly defined ourselves, the results represent our partner’s own perceptions, fear, doubt, anxiety and needs rather than our own honest and accurate feelings. Our partner is not responsible for interpreting or imagining how we might think. Defining our own thoughts, feelings and needs clearly and honestly to our partner is critical for a successful and healthy relationship. Just as critical is our ability to ‘hear’ the true thoughts and feelings of the other.

Imagine being able to discuss anything with your partner, feeling confident you can successfully explore needed resolutions representing you both as well as serving the relationship’s happiness as well. Communication gives the healthiest power and a sturdy foundation to a relationship. Without communication, the ability for other areas of a relationship to function effectively is greatly inhibited