Recognizing and Utilizing Your Intuition and Inner Voice

Recognizing and Utilizing your Intuition and Inner Voice

Our intuition, the wise voice within, is 100% accurate. Learning to access, clarify and strengthen our intuition is of great benefit to our daily lives. Recognizing our inner voice and trusting it is the key. How do we distinguish the intuitive voice from the many other thoughts and ‘voices’ moving through our minds, especially when each one is telling us conflicting information? There are distinguishing characteristics for our true, intuitive voice, and when we recognize these unique traits, we can zero in and listen attentively. We actually have trust in our intuition – isn’t it true that we all say, with great frequency, “I knew I should have listened to my instincts!” or “something told me to do that but I didn’t listen”. The validation for the accuracy of our inner voice may come more from when we don’t pay attention than when we do, but it is confirmation none the less and it is a good start. Now it is time for us to trust that voice and allow it to guide our way with the wisdom and insight it carries.