Purpose and Meaning

Exploring Purpose and Meaning

Feeling a sense of purpose, and striving to see the deeper meaning in our life is what empowers the spirit. It lifts us from feelings of limitation, powerlessness, confusion and uncertainty. It grounds our roots deeply into the evolution of ourselves, others and life. We are connected, we participate, we make a difference, we bring our essence into what we see, feel, do and experience.

We are never without purpose. Our very existence has purpose. Uniting with and understanding what this means to us will ignite, and forever fuel the energy of motivation, inspiration and gratitude. We can explore these deeper areas of our being and our path of life, embracing our own, unique understanding for life’s journey.

Heightened Enlightenment, Spiritual Purpose – Existential Deepening This approach explores the value for your individual existence. The exploration of many of our philosophical questions and deeper contemplations of life, such as destiny and choice, purpose and responsibility, collective evolution and our role in a higher purpose. This examination of ideas addresses “free will,” the ability to make decisions not dictated by heredity or past conditioning, through which an individual can become the person that he or she wants to be.

Existential therapy attempts to restore the ‘meaning of life’, as it is for you, on the most intimate level. This is an area of spiritual growth that can stimulate ourselves to move beyond our present selves and perceptions, take steps into the mysteries of the unknown and embrace the courage to move into the unseen. It encourages the philosophy that says we have the power to create because we have the freedom to choose. This technique helps with the feelings of emptiness and loss of meaningfulness in life. We are able to effectively deal with these feelings and make choices as a free and powerful human being, leading a personally and spiritually rewarding life.