Pain Relief

Pain Management

Counseling and support is extremely critical for those of us in pain from illness or injury. Power and control in our lives and physical condition may feel lost, creating helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness – Hypnotherapy develops a strong, open and direct connection to our physical being providing us with the extraordinary power to impact our body and affect its health and well-being. Our own ability to change how we feel and actually alter our body on a cellular level has been researched extensively and scientifically proven through the years. Transformative pain management teaches you wonderful and easy techniques that substantially lessen your experience of pain. You will work on deep levels of your subconscious in order to activate the powerful, self-healing process as well as change subconscious fears, perceptions and beliefs that may be blocking your ability to create the consistent, supportive and self-loving energy necessary for powerful self-healing. You have the capacity to affect your body with an amazing force to heal and manage discomfort and pain.