Intimacy and Sex

Intimacy and Sexual Issues

We each have our own unique experience of and feelings about intimacy – what we need in order to feel open, safe and receptive as well as what stimulates our passion, closeness and desire is personal and individual to each of us. There can be much turmoil, confusion and loss of understanding about sex and intimacy within a relationship. Even when we attempt to discuss the difficulties with one another, we can find ourselves more confused and mystified than ever. We need to understand our own feelings and needs and communicate them to our partner. The counseling process helps to open and strengthen our connection with our partner, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is important to explore what is blocking sexual openness and comfort. Sexual issues can often be connected to other areas of the relationship and unless they are identified, discussed, respected and resolved, any long lasting connection on a deep, joyful and fulfilling level will be substantially hindered.

We want to be able to communicate our thoughts and feelings about sexual intimacy without projecting our own perceptions and needs onto the other person. Sexual health and fulfillment can develop from a true acceptance and compassion for our partner’s experience and being willing to consider the truth, needs, desires and reality of both people. Transformative Counseling explores the roots of any difficulty in connecting in an intimate way and helps to create powerful healing necessary for a most amazing, passionate and fulfilling connection of deep and joyful intimacy.