Inner Child Healing

Inner-child Work

The “inner child” represents the part of us that carries past guilt, rage, fear, loss of trust, abuse and more. The “wounded-child”, as I refer to this energy , is composed of unhealed emotions and unresolved experiences that develop when we are young. At the point of any trauma, the child absorbs the emotions connected to the experience.

As adults we continue to carry these emotional energies until there is conscious intervention to heal and release the pain. Until then, we are consistently activated into these stored emotions that remain tied to our inner pain and trauma. We often cycle around, continually dropping back into these old emotions, even when we we believed we feel we must have left it all behind. The results of this wounded-child energy remaining under the surface will be a consistent struggle to fully engage in a healthy, accurate version of our present selves.

Without bringing this wounded part into view, it will continue to have an impact on how we view ourselves and experience others and life. “Inner-child” healing provides a powerful avenue within which to reach these wounded areas, successfully creating a powerful communication with our subconscious carrying the inner-child.

This therapy is an effective way to finally heal the wounded self, allowing us to expand beyond what has limited us in the past, allowing our present self to unfold and express fully.