Guided Imagery and Visualization

Guided Imagery and Visualizations

Guided visualization is a very simple, safe and comfortable way to communicate with our deeper consciousness. We move into a state of relaxation, centered and focused on the inner, deeper self. It is a powerful technique of using guided imagery, providing the ability to utilize an inner, visual environment The images tell the story about us that resides beneath the conscious thinking. The story contains thoughts and feelings our conscious is unaware of or does not clearly understand. The subconscious tells its story using symbolism – a “universal language” that helps us explore and discover where our anxieties and fear, depression and sadness, anger and powerlessness originated. Guided imagery helps access deeper layers of thought, and patterns of thinking that we may not know exist but that are impacting our lives every day. The technique of guided visualization has a strong and positive effect on our underlying thinking and resolve emotional distress that have continued to affect our lives. You can effectively work through deeper conflict and gain extremely important insight into how and why you have difficulties in your conscious experience. Guided Imagery helps to break down barriers and to understand and clear away what has been blocking our way to happiness, success, fulfillment and peace.