Cross Cultural Ceremonial Exercises

Cross-cultural Ceremonial Exercises

Our conscious state, which defines itself by what can be seen and known, is where our mental pre-conditioned ‘voices’ reside and stand guard to interpret our experiences through the lens of illusionary limitations, self-imposed guidelines and expectations. When attempting to heal a wound within this place with intentions to expand our beings toward our greatest potential of self, we will undoubtedly be met by our mental voices alerting us to what we fear, doubt and don’t deserve.

Using ceremony and ritual techniques is a powerful way to access the deeper conscious, using symbols, sacred space, visualizations and activities that represent what we wish to confront within ourselves, successfully bypassing the restrictive, analytical thinking, creating an environment that allows for self-communication with our truth, working productively with emotions, awakening our intuition – the inner voice of wisdom and knowing.

Over several decades, I have had many powerful and intimate experiences using cross-cultural ceremony and ritual. These were imbedded in the lives of the indigenous people on our planet and are filled with the understanding of energy, nature, the mysteries and the sacred. I have chosen to bring these tools into my work as a healer and have found them to catapult the awakening and healing process beyond any other therapy tool I have used or witnessed.