Changing Compulsive Patterns of Behavior

Compulsive and/or Negative Patterns of Behavior

Compulsive and negative patterns can be extremely debilitating, causing the person to feel trapped in a cycle of automatic reactions and repetitive behavior. This causes a feeling of powerlessness and loss of control. At the same time an intense, often unconscious drive is motivated by the illusion that the patterns of behavior fulfill some level of control and power and will relieve the anxiety. I help you discover the underlying need, fear or belief that is manifesting itself through the compulsive and/or repetitive patterns.

Negative Patterns of Behavior cause destructive circumstances in a person’s life, whether it be manifested in self-destructive behavior or outward projections causing things in one’s life to consistently collapse. Transformative counseling is extraordinary as a means to help identify what these patterns are and how they work in our life. Explore and heal what caused these patterns and make changes to positive, self-supportive thoughts and behavior.