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Tree LogoThe Spirit Awakening Retreat Facility at the Ojai Foundation

Retreat FacilityThe Spirit Awakening” retreats are held at the Ojai Foundation a beautiful and exquisite retreat center in the city of Ojai in the plush mountains above Ventura, CA. We invite you to take a virtual tour of the beautiful Ojai Foundation Retreat CenterAlthough just a few miles drive from the central Ventura area, you will feel you have been transported miles away from the city activity and daily life. As you near the retreat location, you find yourself amidst hills of extraordinary beauty, abundant with ancient olive groves and grand, twisted oak trees.

Once you turn into the grounds of the Ojai Foundation retreat area, you will be engulfed with a sense of calm. As you follow the road around you notice many quiet and secluded spots within the trees that welcome you to sit and receive their gifts for your heart and soul – these offerings flowing freely.

There are acres of trees and winding paths with exquisite views of the surrounding hills. The grounds include a traditionally laid out stone Labyrinth, tranquil areas for inner contemplation and private spaces for sacred meditation. An ancient oak grove sits proudly on the grounds calling for people to gather in prayer, song, sharing and connection. Throughout your visit you will enjoy exceptionally delicious, healthy and fortifying meals.

This is a perfect place to join others in an important and inspiring journey through the sensations and experiences of your ‘Spirit Awakening’.

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