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We invite you to join us in sacred space filled with peace, serenity, clarity and magic. Within this space you will be awakened, revived and reconnected with your true essence. Explore the mysteries, once hidden and touch the seemingly untouchable!

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“Healing is a journey to be embraced, celebrated and deeply experienced”

Reveal your passion, your joy and your inspiration.

Release anything that binds you.

Connect with your eternal ‘true-self’.

Be amidst beautiful, natural surroundings – peaceful, comforting and nurturing.

Go inward and access areas of yourself that are deeper, truer, waiting to be awakened.

Unite with the life and power within.

Learn how to actively create your life herunterladen.

Open your channel to the divine.

Go beyond just talking through your issues – participate fully in your transformation.

Learn powerful techniques of healing.

Experience amazing cross-cultural activities and ceremonies.

Included: Drumming, Fire ceremony, Labyrinth walk and more.

Successful face personal challenges and stimulate spiritual and emotional growth.

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Take it with you!
Return home with a strong connection and clear awareness of who you are and the ability to express it in your life.

Take with you a variety of effective, tangible tools to address every day situations.

Bring home the power of self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-confidence to live the life you deeply what to live moorhuhn spielen kostenlos vollversion deutsch.

Know you can make positive changes in your life.

Bring home the changes, growth and transformation and “live it”.

The Healing Force of Nature

The natural world offers everything we need for quiet connection, self-nurturing and self discovery, allowing us to deeply relax in our body, mind and spirit. The experiences of self-exploration and growth heighten when surrounded by the beauty and protective energy of nature. The natural world generates inspiration nd powerful life force energy, stimulation the same within ourselves.

Nature inspires freedom of the heart and spirit to contemplate our emerging awareness and touch the places within that call to be realized – this activated a direct channel to our inner being songtexte kostenlos herunterladen.

If we are willing, nature will join head and heart, dissolving the walls that have prevented this precious and vital union. Nature’s powerful energies help us become aware of our own innate relationship with the natural forces around us and how we are interconnected, moving and flowing, releasing and contracting, birthing and dying, growing and letting go. Embracing our oneness with nature will bring balance into our beings and our lives.

Allowing the healing force of nature to penetrate our own growth experience will “awaken” areas of our being that have been asleep, disconnected or inactive in our lives. Nature heals and brings to our attention our truth, our original essence and our spiritual light as well as clarify our innate gifts and authentic purpose windows 10 update only once.

The Healing Force of the Collective

Connecting with others in a safe and supportive space has the power to magnify healing while adding higher levels of combined energy and purpose. The capacity of the collective energy generates a healing force stimulated by each person’s compassionate and loving intention to give oneself to serve the whole.

The gathering of our spiritual beings together is apical. When we interconnect our hearts, bodies and spirit for the purpose of mutual support and healing, the creative potential ignited is immense, immeasurable – one unmatched by any other energy force netflix cannot.

As we unite with a common purpose a powerful energy field is created that expands and strengthens for the duration of our time together. This provides a stable, anchored environment for healing work. All thought is directed towards the wound to be healed, whether it be an individual’s wound or an injury suffered by a nature, the planet or another group of people in pain. Directed energy by a group is powerful, intense and allows for a concentrated projection of that energy towards what is to be healed.

The Healing Force of Ceremony and Ritual

Ceremony and ritual lift the veil between our recognizable perception of reality and the world of the unknown herunterladen.

Sacred ceremony brings a powerful gift by drawing our attention to the inner self and moves our being to the places outside of reality into sacred mystery and the divine. It offers the means to reach into the space between the three dimensional perception of time and space. This is where healing occurs.

Our conscious state, which defines itself by what can be seen and known, is where our mental conditioned ‘voice’ reside and stand guard to interpret our experiences. These voice represent our illusionary limitations, self-imposed guidelines and expectations. When attempting to heal a wound in this place, we will undoubtedly be met by our mental voices alerting us to what we fear, doubt and don’t deserve herunterladen.

Our modern day has suffered a substantial loss of connection with the intention and value of sacred ceremony, as it has come to value competition and the belief that power, fulfillment, peace, happiness and love can be attained through money, fame, status and position – all this causing separation.

Within the experience of ceremony and ritual, all dimensions are linked together, breathing from the same source. This view that all life shares a multi-level existence with the emphasis on all being ‘one’, inspires, even necessitates attention toward communication, willingness, serves and sharing together to bring forth even greater insight and awareness. Ritual and Ceremony opens the door, allowing for participation in this sacred relationship.

In indigenous cultures, ritual and ceremony was often the primary activity utilized towards co-creating the desired healing, harmony, spiritual enlightenment and personal growth intended swisscom tv air download pending. When using ceremony, the original people effectively moved through and understood the most compelling issues of human existence including fear, emotional pain, guilt, loss, transitions, forgiveness and spiritual conflict. When we bring this ancient wisdom to our present life we are able to initiate the energy that allows us to access deeper knowing and self-acceptance and self-love stimulating our ability to release and let go of all that is ready to dissolve away from our truest selves.


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