Is Hypnobirthing healthier for the mother and baby?

Is a pain-free childbirth possible?

Can mothers really have a relaxed and peaceful birth?

Can Mothers remain in control and connected; supporting the process every step of the way?

The answer to these questions is YES.
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What causes pain is not childbirth – it is the fear and stress experienced during childbirth.

Pain is our body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong. However, there is nothing going ‘wrong’ during childbirth, so why would there be pain?When the body is in stress and fear, stress chemicals are released into the systems, creating constriction and discomfort.  When the body is relaxed and the mother feels confident and calm, the body releases endorphins, the body’s natural ‘pain killers’ and comforting agent.  Hypnobirthing mothers have shorter births and recoveries and babies are less likely to move into distress.

There are fewer episiotomies and less instances for medical interventions of any kind.

Hypnobirthing is a process of giving birth that incorporates breath work, relaxation, self-hypnosis and guided visualization.  The body, during this peaceful method of birth, will remember its innate natural state, providing everything that is needed to birth a baby without pain or distress.

Hypnobirthing helps you understand how we have been influenced, even conditioned by what we have been taught.  For example, we are bombarded by the media depicting childbirth, on television and in movies, as a life and death crisis situation.  The woman falls into immediate, agonizing pain and the husband panics in fear there is something wrong.  The dialogue emphasizes the trauma of childbirth and the high potential that something could go wrong, Women begin to worry about the experience long before they have children, concerned about their ability to ‘get through it’.  This deep rooted conditioning sets the body up for tension, fear and anxiety, which inevitably causes the body to have pain.

The powerful hypnobirthing techniques support the mother’s connection with her body, where she can provide full and integrated support for the process of birth.  The classes help mothers teach their subconscious new ways of viewing their body during the birthing experience.  When the subconscious creates new beliefs and directs attention towards the strength, power and ability of the body to give birth comfortably and naturally, the experience of birth changes completely.

The mother (and of course, if desired, a partner is encouraged to participate in the process) learns visualizations and self-hypnosis exercises that change the way the body responds, letting go and releasing all stress and constriction, allowing the body to relax, become open, receptive and calm. The body then can do what it needs to do, what it innately knows how to do, to move the baby through and out into the world.